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"An instrument built from blue stained beetle kill pine?!"  Check out our Photo gallery to see this unique and very special instrument built with wood from the mountains of Colorado.

Serial Number BKB-0000001

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"If you go shopping for an acoustic guitar, the chances are you'll be greeted
 with many variations on the same theme – a contoured wooden box with a hole between the bridge and the high end of the neck."

Paul Ridden, 
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The Bouillez Acoustics "It's not a guitar!"
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The Video gives you an up close and personal taste
 of the unique sound from the Bouillez.  Stay tuned for a new Kickstarter campaign coming soon!

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photo gallery for images of the first official Bouillez ground up build! 

  Who is "Bouillez Acoustics"?

  The word "Bouillez" is actually a last name that originated from the France/Belgium area as far back as the 1500's.  Pronounced "Bull-yah", many fail to pronounce it correctly because of the silent "z".  Since it is so unique, why not use it for the brand name of a musical instrument?  There are very few with the "Bouillez" name in the USA today, however the the highest concentration of families who still bear the last name can be found in Indiana where Dan's Grandfather was born and raised. 

  Dan, now in Loveland, Colorado, has been an artist, woodworker, self taught musician and engineer for most of his life.  Through his years of experiences in these fields, he has become somewhat of an entrepreneur.  One evening after playing guitar with some friends an idea came to him and Bouillez Acoustics was born.

Why change a perfectly good instrument?

  Why not?...  Have you noticed that for generations there has been little change in the sound from acoustic instruments?  There has also been little change in appearance and design.  Acoustic instruments seem to be stuck in time.  For well over 100 years improvements to the acoustic guitar have been limited do to its design and its technique to generate sound.  The Bouillez design, construction and technique changes the sound and the way it is produced. The Bouillez design also totally changes the structure and appearance of the instrument.

   For many years Dan had thought about the sound that a stringed instrument presents in its current structure and design.  There are beautifully built and wonderful sounding guitars out there today and they have come a long way in the last 500 years.
All of these designs have been a staple in the music industry for many years.  Dan believes it is time for a change.  Clarity and true frequency of string vibration is enhanced to a new level with his design.

Our unsuccessful run on has not been a set back for the Bouillez project at all.  On the contrary it has only driven Dan to pursue it with much more determination.   Though financing such a project on his own is difficult and slows the progress, he is confident that with its continuous increase in popularity and responses from musicians around the world, the next kickstarter campaign is sure to generate a positive outcome.

  Definitely stay tuned for more updates on the Bouillez acoustics Facebook page.  Dan is working on the next campaign to raise funding for this great project.   
  What makes the Bouillez so different? 

   The change is in the instrument soundboard itself.  It is like nothing ever developed and truly produces a crystal clear tone that is bright and warm.  Response is fantastic!  By eliminating restrictions in the existing soundboard design of today's acoustic instruments, the soundboard is allowed to vibrate freely because of less mass and a more flexible material.  It produces much better frequency response with the plucking of every string.

  Dan would like to bring his new generation of sound to the world of music and produce an instrument that will change the what we hear from acoustic instruments.

Are you ready to be unique?

  For those of you who are professionals in the music industry, stick around!  You will not want to put this one down.  Since Dan has finished his first Beta instrument, some recordings will soon demonstrate the unique, warm and exciting new sound.  Send us your contact info below so we can keep you informed.  We will add you to the list of distribution letters that will keep you informed of the progress.

Many local Professional Musicians have had the unique opportunity to play the prototype Bouillez shown above.  All were very excited at the potential this new instrument demonstrates.  The pick guard, and tail piece were also very appealing to most.  The pick guard itself will likely be a design we will stick with because of it's unique look and style.  

   Technical stuff!

  The technical information regarding the Bouillez is still currently under construction.  Only the prototype has been professionally recorded so far with great reviews from the professional guitarist's who have been lucky enough to play it.  The sound says it all.  The next step is the recording of the first, hand made  instrument.  The final product is required before I can supply accurate specifications.  Since this technology is still in the R&D stage, we prefer to wait for what we believe is the best possible sound and quality.

  Providing you with accurate technical specifications is of utmost importance to us and the Bouillez name, so please be patient.   We will list a specification and information page as soon as it becomes available.

  How does it sound?  If you watch our Kickstarter video above,  (it's only 3 minutes long), you can hear our first prototype as being played by David Walimann and Jesse Solomon.  You can also hear some recordings of the Bouillez compared to a Washburn acoustic to hear the difference.

Supporting our National, State and local economy is extremely important to us, so whenever possible we will also be using materials, hardware and electronics manufactured and assembled right here in the United State of America.

The Bouillez was recently used for a Chili Cook Off and benefit concert to raise money for a Horse ranch in Longmont CO. that was completely destroyed by the recent major flooding in the northern part of the state.  Mike Rowell and The Dry Hacks did a fantastic job and the Bouillez was quite a treat to listen to.

What a great start to an already great instrument!

The first ground up Bouillez build is complete!  To start the research and development on the design, we decided to go green!  Why not use a wood that is currently destined to become a fire hazard in the mountains or firewood in someone's home or cabin.  The very first of its kind in so many ways, the first built Bouillez was test manufactured with blue stained beetle killed pine.  (the locals call it beetle kill).  Everything on this instrument is built with this uniquely colored wood and it is from right here in Northern Colorado.  (Except the fret board and some accent trim to add some contrast). There was only one other that we could find on the planet, (google), that came close.  It was a classical style acoustic guitar.  However the body was the only part of the guitar that was made from this beautiful wood.  In our case, the entire instrument was built from the beetle kill pine.  The Bouillez, based on our online search, is the very first built, all pine, steel string acoustic guitar in the world. We intend on breaking as many boundaries as possible with this instrument, so why not start with the first build?  

Contact Information

Would you like to know more about The Bouillez?  Please send us your contact information by filling out the form below.  Let us know what questions you may have or if you're interested in purchasing your very own Bouillez instrument.  We look forward to hearing from you.  We will do our best to respond as soon as possible, but please allow 24 to 48 hours for our reply.  Thank you for your interest!  It is greatly appreciated.

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