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Welcome to Bouillez acoustics!

Thank you for visiting us!  We are a newly developing company located in Loveland, Colorado providing very unique beetle kill products while helping restore our state forests from the mountain pine beetle infestation.  For over a decade now, warmer than average winters have allowed for the mountain pine beetle to survive and thrive through the winter months only to increase their number of breeding cycles from one a year, to two.  This in turn has provided an increase in deforestation in the mountains of Colorado as well as other states.  We all need to do our part by helping restore our forests for future generations by clearing the dead trees from our forests.  Bouillez Acoustics has been working hard for over a year now and plans to continue for many many more.

What We are doing to help

We have joined The Colorado State Forest Service and Colorado State University's "CoWood" program in order to produce a green product business and provide help with the state forest restoration process.  The Colorado Wood Utilization & Marketing Program,  works with new businesses in Colorado that utilize our local natural resources.  Currently we have hundreds of thousands of acres in our state th
at have unused dead trees generated by the pine beetle that will insure yet another potentially record year for forest fires due to the amount of fuel available by these standing and fallen trees.

We want to do our part by helping restore our state forest and provide a great product to you at the same time.  We all would like to have our grandchildren experience the trees in the mountains of Colorado.  At the rate of this devastation there is no time to waste.

Our Mission! 
  • To provide the art of music to all ages with our quality instruments
  • To "Be a Green product manufacturer" by using our local resources that are otherwise discarded or providing fuel for fires.
  • To support our economy by providing American made products.
  • To help restore our forests
  • To provide the most beautiful hand crafted one of a kind instruments each with it's own personality and voice.

Below is an image of the very first Bouillez Acoustics patent pending Beta acoustic guitar built from over 90% beetle kill pine.  The image demonstrates the wood's unique color and patterns not found in other wood.

While camping in June of 2012 in Pingree Park about 2 hours north west of Loveland, we had just finished eating breakfast when a fellow camper stopped by and said we should leave and pointed at this picture. This fire devoured 259 homes and over 87,000 acres.  It started from a lightning strike that happened 3 days before and smoldered until heat and wind got it going.  This one took 21 days to contain.  About 20% of the area that burned was dead trees that were infested with the pine beetle. 

The photo below was taken about 3 miles north of Longdraw Reservior in 2012.  The location is also just north of the border on Rocky Mountain National Park.  Every gray and orange tree you see in this image has sucummed to the mountain pine beetle.  Most of them have been dead for 5 to 10 years. My guess is that only 5% of the trees you see are still alive, most of those are under 10 years old and very young.  Unbelievable!

Healthy forests are vital to the long-term health of Colorado's environment and economy. Forests provide clean water to Coloradans (and 18 other states) and filter our air. They also provide opportunities for recreation, including skiing, which is a $2 billion industry in our state.

However, these forests are threatened by diseases, fires and insects such as the mountain pine beetle. For instance, the mountain pine beetle will kill all of the mature lodge pole pine in Colorado in the next two to four years.

One way to reduce the impacts from these threats is through active forest management. By proactively developing markets for forest materials, fuel loads will be reduced, Coloradans can provide wood products for themselves, and the risks to life and property may be drastically reduced.

Our Products are Hand Made!

No automated CNC or milling machines here!  The crafting of wood has changed so much over the years.  Faster and cheaper is not always better.  Hand crafted beetle kill pine is also a material not commonly used in musical instruments.  In fact if you search the web for beetle kill pine instruments, there are little to no products available.  Until now!  We pride ourselves on not only the craftsmanship but the design and art that goes into every instrument.  If you are not familiar with beetle kill pine, the material is quite soft and can scratch and dent fairly easily if not cared for properly.  Some may say these battle scars add character.  Pine is also known as a great "sound" wood, because it is soft and flexible, it vibrates and transmits sound very well.

In the case of beetle kill pine, it is also incredibly beautiful.  Different stages of the death of the tree and the bacteria that is produced by the pine beetle, provides unbelievable color to the wood as well as grain structure enhancements and of course the tiny holes left by the tunneling insect.  We already know how beautiful the wood is and how well it sounds as an instrument.  We hope you can see and hear the incredible personality and voice our instruments.

Please feel free to review our current and upcoming products on our product page.  If your interested in seeing images of our guitar and Cajons, please check out our photo gallery.  

Have you recently Purchased a Cajon?

We'd love to have you register it with us.  Please register yours by filling out our contact list below and enter the model and serial number in the comments section.  You can locate the model and serial number by looking through the sound port or hole on the side of the Cajon.  The numbers are just inside and on the bottom panel.
We would love to get to know our customers and how they like their new Bouillez Cajon so any feedback is welcomed.

In one of our recent Bouillez Acoustics Cajon builds, we ran across a new color in beetle kill pine that we were not aware of.  The image below shows a brilliant red in the wood.  This is because after the pine beetle attacks a tree, the tree goes through stages of dying and this color is from the beginning stages.  So since the wood was processed, the bacteria color was quite different.

The trees that look orange in the center of the image below have been killed by the pine beetle.  The trees have been dead for about 1 to 2 years.  The sad thing is that much of the higher terrain and west of the continental devide, this orange is the dominant color.  So much devistation.

Contact Information

Would you like to know more about Bouillez Acoustics?  Please send us your contact information by filling out the form below.  Let us know what questions you may have or if you're interested in purchasing your very own Bouillez instrument.  We look forward to hearing from you.  We will do our best to respond as soon as possible, but please allow 24 to 48 hours for our reply.  Thank you for your interest!  It is greatly appreciated.

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Contact  us at or you can call us at 970-231-8776
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