Corey Flannigan, Our local Quality Control Expert runs through exploration of our Gen II Cajon tappa looking for a bad spot.  None were found but this video is un-editted and shows a variety of sounds based on striking location of the tappa.  Enjoy!

The Strumbellas, a Canadian Indie Folk band came through Colorado to promote their newest album and we were lucky enough to be contacted to supply one of our Cajon drums for their tour.  Many Thanks to the Strumbellas and Jeremy Drury the Percussionist for the band, for allowing us the opportunity to share your visit and for choosing our Cajon for your 6 shows in Colorado!  You guys are AWESOME!!  The video below was a live performance they put on for a local radio station here in Northern Colorado. 

At the LA City College Music Department, Milen Kirov Trio with Eric Barber and Bryon Holley, you can't help but notice Bryon's Gen II drum in this amazing video.  These three gentlemen are fantastic.   Bryon has been a fan of ours for some time now and demonstrates his talent very well in this video.  Enjoy!

Denver Loft Sessions is a great outlet for local musicians in Denver Colorado that is broadcast on Sunday nights every week.  Located on line as "Denver8.TV".  Christian Teele, a Bouillez Acoustics Cajon fan happened to be featured on the show while playing with Jake Edwards.  I recommend taking the time to watch the whole video as Jake is an amazing musician and Christian plays his Gen II Cajon in a variety of ways.  A good set of head phones would be a great way to hear this amazing video.  Enjoy! 

While at a show and tell at Acoustic Canyon Recording Studio in Laporte, CO, Dan D., a local electric guitar builder gets his hand on the Bouillez for his first time.

Guitar Videos

Mike Rowell, a Long time friend and Bouillez fan came by the shop to try out the Bouillez guitar after making some adjustments.   Mike has a way of making this guitar sing and as you can see he gets lost in it!  Enjoy!

A  percussion gathering of nearly 30 percussionists at the home of a Bouillez Cajon fan gets some play time on 2 original size and one Bambino cajon for some fun.

The video below is of Wendy Woo, one of our local treasures and long time professional Artist who has had the unique opportunity to play the first of its kind prototype "Bouillez Guitar" built entirely out of Beetle Kill Pine, it's design is a long term product that we hope to provide to our fans in the near future.  Enjoy!

Christian Teele Gets to Pick up his Brand new Gen II Cajon at our shop!  This guy is on Cloud nine!!  Christian has been a fan for a long time now and we are so thankful.  He decided to get this quick video!  Enjoy!

Milen Kirov Trio, with Eric Barber and Bouillez Acoustics fan, Bryon Holley play for a great crowd at the LA City College Music Department in Los Angeles, CA.  The video is long but Bryon kicks it up with his Gen II Cajon.  He himself gets a chance to have yet another drum solo that lasts about 3 minutes!  Fantastic show by 3 fantastic musicians,

Cajon drums built from Beetle Kill Pine provides each drum we build with a different tone.  Each instrument is unique and you can't find what we have in other similar music instruments.  Check out out video's for the proof.

Cajon  Drum Video's

An incredible evening of music with Dave Beegle and Christian Teele at the Rialto Theater in Loveland CO.  Christian is an amazing percussionist from Boulder CO and Dave is a Loveland CO guitarist known across the country for his unbelievable talent.  Here are a couple of videos from his show.  Thanks to Christian for inviting us to attend the show and get the chance to hear our new Gen II Cajon Christian recently received.  Enjoy!

Bryon Holley, an avid Bouillez Acoustics fan, blessed us with his talent at Acoustic Ranch recording studio in LaPorte Colorado this year to demonstrate our drums just for your viewing pleasure.  All the way from L.A. Bryon is a fantastic Cajon player.  Thanks Bryon!  You D,Man!!  Enjoy