What We Need To Know

  • Since you have decided to place an order for your custom Bouillez Acoustics Cajon, there is some information we need to know about your requirements. 
  • What size would you like?
  • How many Tappa's or percussion panels would you like?
  • Would you like a snare in your Cajon? If so, would you like a lite or heavy snare?
  • What type of finish would you like?  Matte or Gloss?
  • What color stain would you like on your Tappa's?
  • Would you like accessories?  If so, what accessories would you like?
  • Special requests?  Something that gives your Cajon a personal touch?  Let us know!

How To Order

We would be happy to take your custom Cajon order by phone or email.  So please contact us at any time, even if you only have questions regarding our products. You can purchase already crafted Cajon's by clicking on one of the "Order from our inventory buttons above.  We would be happy to ship your Cajon to anywhere in the USA and Europe.  Shipping varies outside the USA so we will notify you of shipping costs by email, (make sure you include your address and zip code in your email to us).

Baby or "Bambino" Cajon, (to the left), is a popular choice for the younger percussionist but also has a place for the pro.  It's small enough to be played on your lap.  It's sound is unique and quite surprising considering its small stature. Measuring out with a 9" x 9" footprint and a very short 13.5 inches tall, it makes a great practice Cajon for the beginner that can be taken anywhere in a back pack.  It is also a great start for that 3 to 12 year age group interested in becoming a percussionist.  What a great Cajon for getting together with friends for a jam session around the campfire!  Starting at $129.

Original  Cajon

Our King Cajon drums, (as seen on the right in the image), is the largest and one of the best Cajon's we currently manufacture.  This Super Bass or "King" Cajon, is a very large Cajon.  It stands with a 17.5" x 17.5" footprint and a whopping 25.5" tall.  It also weighs in at nearly 25 lbs.  This drum has exceptional sound and can even be used as a nice furniture piece in a musicians living room or recording studio.  It was designed to be played using the standard seated position while using only your hands, or you can use a kick pedal made for Cajon's so you can play guitar at the same time. All of the Bouillez Acoustics Cajon's are literally drum sets in a box.  Starting at $429.

The New Gen II Cajon

King Cajon Drum

Not a percussionist?

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Custom Cajon Options 

The King Cajon, Original Cajon and the Bambino Cajon all have the options of being single, double or triple tappa Cajons.  Each tappa has a different material thickness which provides a different tone.  A single tappa is a bass tappa, a double tappa includes a bass and mid-range, and a triple tappa includes bass, mid-range and a high tone tappa.  Tappa's can be custom painted or stained to suite your personality with a broad range of options.  The Cajon shell can also be stained if you so desire.  Tappa hardware can be brass, black iron or stainless steel.  You may also choose to have a snare installed or go without.  You can also have a choice of a satin or gloss finish for the clear coat to protect your Cajon.  Please email or call with any questions or to share your ideas with us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Bambino Cajon

Original Cajon, (center), has exceptional sound qualities along with portability for the traveling musician.  Also, with no limit on options, the original can be used on stage and at home. It fits in a standard Cajon bag as well for protection during travel.  A footprint of 11.75" x 11.75" and a height of 20.5 inches.  Weighing in at about 12 lbs., this Cajon is simply incredible for the serious percussionist.  Great for beginners and professionals alike.  Starting at $329

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Looking for other custom beetle kill pine products?  Check out our custom products page.  You may be surprised that we are open to build almost anything!

The new Generation II Cajon is our top of the line Cajon built with Beetle Kill Pine.  I boasts an internal snare that can be turned on or off giving you the ability to apply the snare when you want it.  An easy to reach lever placed just inside and at the top of the sound hole, it allows you to turn it on and off almost on the fly.  The drum also gives you a very large playing surface and an amazing low end bass tone that you can't get on any other Cajon. Not only is this drum amazing to play but as always, we do our best to make each one with an unbelievable look that will be unique to you and you only.    We also have access to a gig bag that can be custom made for your drum.  The bags are made in the USA and provide the best protection for your Cajon.  Ask us if you would like a case and we will happily provide a quote.  The base model Gen II drums start at $449.