The Artisan, Craftsman and his family

Though Dan and Lisa's many travels through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado have been wonderful no matter where they have been, the breathtaking views of Pikes Peak is one of their favorites.  Camping has brought them closer to nature than ever before.  They have spent 14 years in the state of Colorado, with their two wonderful daughters.  They would camp year around if they could.   To them it would be heaven.

Dan has over 40 years of artistic background using a number of media's including woodworking, and Lisa has a natural talent of Nature and Macro Photography,  They strive to be a part of this beautiful state and continue to bring everyone's attention to the need of preserving it.

Bouillez Acoustics is a proud member of the "CoWood" program, or the Colorado Wood utilization and Marketing Program.

Cache LaPouder Canyon, Colorado Image provided by Lisa Bouillez

Minutes after the High Park fire started in northern Colorado on June 9th 2012.  Images provided by Lisa Bouillez

Our Story

Thank you for visiting us!   Located in Loveland, Colorado we are providing very unique beetle kill pine products while helping restore our state and national forests from the mountain pine beetle infestation.  For over a decade now, warmer than average winters have allowed for the mountain pine beetle to survive and thrive through the winter months only to increase their number of breeding cycles from one per year, to two.  This in turn has provided an increase in deforestation in the mountains of Colorado as well as other states. 

  Healthy forests are vital to the long-term health of our country's environment and economy. Forests provide clean water to Coloradans (and 18 other states) and filter our air. They also provide opportunities for recreation, including skiing, which is a $2 billion industry in our state. However, these forests are threatened by diseases, fires and insects such as the mountain pine beetle.

For instance, the mountain pine beetle will kill all of the mature lodge pole pine trees in Colorado in the next two to four years. One way to reduce the impacts from these threats is through active forest management. By proactively developing markets for forest materials, fuel loads will be reduced, Coloradans can provide wood products for themselves, and the risks to life and property may be drastically reduced.

We are going full circle with our dedication to forest restoration.  We are starting with a natural state resource, creating a market for the wood and purchasing it to build high quality products.  In return for our use of this beautiful and natural material, we also give back and donate a percentage of every customer purchase to the "Restoring Colorado's Forests Fund."  In the aftermath of destructive wildfires and major flooding, reforestation of burned land helps protect water supplies, restores wildlife habitat and reduces flooding and erosion.  Donations to the Restoring Colorado's Forests Fund will provide tree seedlings for planting on privately owned and state-managed lands throughout Colorado that have been most severely impacted by wildfire or other disasters. Areas that are most critical to water protection and wildlife habitat, and that provide the most public benefit, will be targeted for planting efforts.

Our passion is to provide products to all, support US manufactured quality products, and restore our forests.  Your consideration is of great importance to us and will have a direct impact on our state and national forest restoration goals.   Thank you for taking a moment to read our story and we hope you will consider our products as a great alternative to others available.