There has been so much excitement about our Cajon Drums on our Facebook page and we are constantly growing because of its popularity.  However in the summer 2016 we are looking at expanding our reach by attending many music venues, festivals and art shows to help with our exposure in Colorado.  Because of this, we will begin listing our shows as soon as the arrangements have been confirmed.  So be sure and check out our coming events page frequently so you know where we will be and when.  We hope that you can make it to at least one of our events this summer.  If you can't, make sure you tell a friend.  We appreciate you interest and thank you so much for coming to our website!

Our gallery shows only a small part of some of our products that have been hand crafted.  They do demonstrate however the wide range of color and beauty that beetle kill pine can produce.  There are no other naturally grown wood products available that have the wide range of colors that this wood produces.  Nature created this unique and beautiful wood and we admire it with great intrigue.

Recent Exhibits

  • Our vision is to share the intense natural beauty and incredible sound of a solid wood Cajon crafted by hand, and by a true artisan. 
  • To share with every percussionist an undeniably unique Cajon that only enhances their personality and artistic percussive techniques.
  • To provide musical instruments to all ages and levels of musical talent and create a Cajon that is one of a kind, every time.
  • To provide an instrument like no other that is produced from an otherwise ignored natural resource by reclaiming trees devastated by the mountain pine beetle infestation ravishing our country.
  • To Give back! Nature has provided this wonderful natural resource to us so we give back to restore our state and national forests for future generations.

Cajon Drum