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  • Bouillez Acoustics Cajon drums are Hand crafted from Beetle Kill Pine reclaimed from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.       
  • Priceless beauty with unmatched sound quality.     
  • The most comfortable Cajon drums to sit on and play.       
  • Their unique colors and patterns are like no other wood in the world.       
  • Each Cajon drum is literally one of a kind in both appearance and sound!
  • Bouillez Acoustics custom wood products are another great choice for the rustic home or office.

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Multiple sizes and options available

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What  our customers are telling us

The Ultimate Cajon!  Our Generation II now available with an on/off snare option

We're going to be on TV with Chuck Leavell , (Keyboardist for the Rolling Stones),because of our instruments!!  Check out our Events page for the details!

"A work of art that doubles as a Cajon drum with incredible sound" the best Cajon ever  Says John L from Fort Collins, Colorado.

"I can't believe how amazing these Cajon's sound"  Say's Tanja G. of New York, New York.

"The most amazing Cajon I have ever played!  I simply Love it!  And so do my fans!"  Matt D. from Loveland, Colorado.

"This is a beautiful Cajon!  So amazing I bought two and both sound and look so different.  These Cajon's are unbelievable"  Say's Mike B from Charlotte North Carolina.

"I have played many different Cajon's being a store owner and musician and none of the high dollar Cajons out there compare to the Bouillez Cajon.    I use mine at all of my gigs and love it!"  Slick from Loveland Colorado.